Dr. Murray Stein is a renowned Jungian psychoanalyst and the author of important books such as ‘Jung’s treatment of Christianity’ and ‘Map of the Soul’. Dr. Stein is perhaps the Jungian who has delved the deepest into C.G Jung and his relation to the Christian tradition. In this episode, he sheds light on Jung’s rendering of Christianity through his psychological project. He helps us understand how Jungs’ psychology is rooted in the tradition of Protestantism, expands on Jungs’ idea of “the invisible church”, and Jung’s relationship to Jesus Christ.

Jung carried a Bible around in his pocket, all his life, his grandson told me. Sitting on the train, he would pull out his Bible and start reading something. So he was very immersed in the biblical texts in the biblical world.”

Dr. Stein also generously shares stories from his own life, as well as anecdotes of Jung himself. For instance, you will hear the story of how Jung himself his whole life walked around with a bible in his pocket and how to live one’s life at the center of the cross.

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