Lusensky: I’m also thinking just to share with you before we end. I think that the title of the podcast will be “Psychology and the cross”.

Dr. Stein: Psychology and the cross?

Lusensky: And then something with Jungian underneath you know. I think it would be something in that vein…

Dr. Stein: I knew a woman. She was the founder of the Jung Center in Houston, Texas. Her name was Ruth Thacker Fry. She was a really eccentric, kind of weird woman but very charismatic, a big woman with red hair. And she knew Jung and she studied at the Jung Institute in the 1950s. And at one of the celebrations for Jung, I think it was his 80th birthday or something she attended, and she stood in a long line to shake his hand. And she was wearing a cross, a big cross on her necklace. And Jung recognized her and he took the cross and he held it in his hand. And he said you know where the place to live is? Right in the center of the cross. That’s where the opposites come together, right in the center.

Transcript extract from episode 1 of Psychology and the Cross.

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