After Jung’s death Karl Kerényi wrote,

“If I now, looking back upon the phenomenon C.G Jung, put into words what was most characteristic about him, also on the basis of personal contacts during the last twenty years, then it is taking the soul for real. For no psychologist of our time, the psyche possessed such a concreteness and importance as for him.” 5

The decisive point here is what is meant by “soul”. A marginal comment on this passage by Kerényi himself makes this clear. Quoting sentences from a letter of his to C.J Burckhardt on December 18, 1961, he states,

“Jung wrote me….citing an alchemist (Michael Sendivogius, comment by Lusensky), ‘maior autem animae pars extra corpus est’ and he really meant it. He stands out as the only among his colleagues – at least I have not found a second one among the not confessionally bound psychologists-, who firmly believed in the existence other soul.” The greater part of the soul is outside the body. 6

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