A bit more than a year into this podcast series, it felt like a good time to stop and reflect more deeply on Jung’s wrestle with Christianity, and how it is still relevant for us today. For this reflection, I invited back three Jungian scholars with whom I had spoken individually on previous episodes.

Our discussion together was an opening both of insights and questions:

* When we speak of dreaming the Christian myth forward, as Jung did, whose dream do we mean? Who’s doing the dreaming?

* Is Jung’s psychological project an attempt to transcend or reform Christianity?

* What might Jung’s psychologizing of Christian tradition mean for those within and outside it? 
* In Jungian discourse, where is the body of Christ? Where are the poor?
About the participants:

Murray Stein is a renowned Jungian psychoanalyst and the author of important books such as Jung’s Treatment of Christianity and Map of the Soul.

Ann Conrad Lammers is coeditor of The Jung–White LettersThe Jung–Kirsch Letters, as well as editor and co-translator of Erich Neumann’s two-volume work The Roots of Jewish Consciousness.

Paul Bishop is a renowned British scholar who has spent the last twenty-five years researching and writing on the foundational relationship between C.G. Jung and Friedrich Nietzsche and Johann Wolfgang Goethe.

Moderating the discussion is Jakob Lusensky, a Jungian psychoanalyst with a private practice in Berlin. He is the host of the podcast and a founder of the non-profit organization Center of the Cross, working within the intersection of psychology and religion with the mission of individual and social transformation.

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